Test of portfolio for Hughes Telematics

Hughes Telematics Digital Product Design Digital Product Strategy for Hughes Telematics Sep 4, 2013   In 2011, I oversaw a digital product strategy engagement with Hughes Telematics. Hughes Telematics (now owned by Verizon) provides in-car integration systems for major automobile manufacturers, as well as add-on telematics integration for insurance companies and consumer ‘after market’ channels.(…)

The Disciplinary foundations of UX

The Disciplinary foundations of UX

I’m doing some research into the history of the diagrams that show the nature of UX as a discipline. Because UX design is so interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary, there are a lot of competing ways of structuring the field. More soon! Sell Yourself Better 1.0 – Jason Mesut 

The Kano Method for Product Design

 I’ve been thinking about how to map product features by their impact, as a part of digital strategy and product roadmapping. One place my research has taken me is to explore the Kano model of product development. Here’s the framework — A product at a given release version is the sum of each feature measured(…)

Free Structure Un-Conference coming up

The Free Structure Un-Conference, which is “about Exploration, Innovation, Collaboration – and understanding the impact of Big Data and analysis on our world” is coming up in July. The conference, er, un-conference is sponsored by EMC, who is clearly trying to take advantage of the trends in business intelligence (BI) and personal uses of big(…)